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The Quilt and Needle originated in the creativity and energy of designer Jessica J. E. Smith. Inspired by her experiences as a new mother and after leaving a career at a non-profit international agribusiness group, Jess started her home-based business in the summer of 2007.

Since then, Jess has developed, hosted, and taught more than 30 successful mystery programs that focus on helping quilters overcome self-imposed limitations. Between mystery projects, she works with various fabric designers and manufacturers to design custom projects for new fabric lines. Her digital and paper patterns can be found in our online store and in quilt shops across the globe.

Me at retreat! Our yearly retreat is quickly approaching, and, as usual, I’m eagerly anticipating the reveal of another new mystery that weekend. I’ve lost track of the number of mystery quilts I’ve designed for our annual retreat in Tomball, Tx, but one of the first was Friends and Fellows. I love that name – …

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Howdy y’all! When I started The Quilt and Needle, I really wanted it to be an “online quilting pub” – with great friends, awesome quilting, and yummy food ideas. Over the years, we’ve had tons of phenomenal quilters come and go, making lasting friendships along the way. We’ve enjoyed crazy-cool patterns and grown together in our quilt-making abilities, …

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2013 Quilt & Needle  “Paint Chip” Challenge!!! Hostess:  Cindy                                   Co-Hostess:  Jess     It’s time for another Quilt & Needle Challenge!  Have you got your quilty thinking cap on?  I’m sure many of you have heard of Paint Chip Challenges, and I hope that this challenge will be an awesome way for getting you out …

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Use the blank back of your cutting mat to cut your fabric. This forces you to measure with your ruler, rather than the lines on the mat (which are more likely to be distorted and less accurate). Have an awesome quilting day!– Jess

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Fluorescent lights do a lot of damage to fabrics and other materials. Use ultraviolet filters (found at electrical supply stores) to decrease the damage. Piece out,Jess – Posted using BlogPress from Jess’ iPhone

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When removing a bobbin (with thread still on it) from the bobbin case, clip the thread tail right next to the case and then remove the bobbin. Pulling a long thread tail through the bobbin case can mess up the spring and/or tension on your bobbin. Piece out, Jess – Posted using BlogPress from Jess’ …

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Ever have wavy borders after quilting? Check to make sure you have a consistent density of quilting over the entire quilt surface. If not, the borders (or the entire quilt) may appear wavy. Go back and add more quilting where needed and your waves should calm down a bit! Piece out,Jess – Posted using BlogPress …

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Use a pants hanger to hold open your pattern book while working on a quilt. You can even hang it on a convenient wall or bulletin board to save space! Piece out,Jess – Posted using BlogPress from Jess’ iPhone

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Always “set” your seam first, by pressing it the way it was sewn before pressing the seam one direction or the other. This sinks the thread into the fabric and reduces the bulk of the seam (which is really nice when quilting!). – Posted using BlogPress from Jess’ iPhone

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