quilt hack

noun [kwilt-hak]
1. a clever trick, shortcut, or novelty method that increases efficiency or quality in quilting techniques


quiltHacks is the official blog of The Quilt and Needle

We use a wide variety of quilt hacks and efficient piecing techniques in all of our one-of-a-kind quilt patterns, especially our popular mystery quilt patterns. This blog includes fun tips and tricks as well as interviews with quilters of various ability levels, reviews, etc.  Check back often to see what is happening this week!

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  1. Jane T

    I would like to subscribe to your site, but can’t seem to find out how. I will continue to look. Thank you.


    • Hi Jane! You can sign up to receive our quilting tips in the box above, located just after our description. Alternatively, you can click on the icon with several horizontal lines in the very top right corner of the website – the side menu will appear and the first option is to sign up via email.


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