Me at retreat!

Our yearly retreat is quickly approaching, and, as usual, I’m eagerly anticipating the reveal of another new mystery that weekend. I’ve lost track of the number of mystery quilts I’ve designed for our annual retreat in Tomball, Tx, but one of the first was Friends and Fellows. I love that name – it just has a lovely cadence and the alliteration makes it roll off the tongue well. Friends and Fellows. It’s a name that originates in a partial block within the quilt and that embodies the camaraderie we find at a quilt retreat.
Jami C. at retreat.
Milica N. at retreat.
It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to come up with names for my patterns, especially when I design several in a short period of time. Good names, that is. Something not already overly used and something that applies to the design. Sometimes a name just lands on a pattern and I know it’s right, that no other name could possible fit as well. Take Outside the Box, for example. When you say the name, you know the quilt. It just fits. The name actually paints a picture of that quilt in my head.
Nancy Feve
Lynn Makrin
Jami C.

I’ve sometimes resorted to having my quilty friends and forum members help me name a pattern. My good friend Ms. Pat (Life in the Scrapatch) thought up the name for Windsong. I immediately knew the name was right. In this case, the name actually adds to the romance and fluidity of this design.

Tonight I’m challenged with naming my new mystery design. For now I’m calling it “Frolic,” because I like what that says about my design intentions, and because a good “Frolicking” friend of mine is on my mind tonight. I realize that I really must settle on a name before dawn tomorrow. So, for now, for the next few hours anyway, this one shall be “Frolic.” What does that say to you about the pattern?


  1. Sounds very interesting, intriguing, fun and Spring like to me Ms Jess 🙂 Can't wait to see it.


  2. Frolic sounds like a happy dance through the fabric patch and sew much fun … 🙂

    My Friends and Fellows quilt has its own wall in my home … <3

    Someday I need to sew a Windsong for My Girl.

    Have a fun frolic at the retreat this year, my friends … {{{hugs}}} Pat


  3. It sounds like your mystery quilt weekend is going to be a fun time!


  4. Playful and joyful like a young lamb or colt gamboling through a field 🙂


  5. This “frolicking” friend is feeling the love.


  6. Fun and happy! Wish I could be there to frolic, too!


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