Tip of the day: Some folks like to put their ironing board next to their sewing table, low enough to iron while sitting, so they can sew and iron without ever standing up. However, I like to get up and walk to my ironing board and give my muscles a good stretch every now and then. Ultimately I can sew longer and get more done if I keep myself moving. Where is your ironing board?

🙂 Piece Out, Jess

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  1. Hi, Jess! 🙂 I have a small ironing board adjacent to my machine so I can press seams and blocks as I go along, but it is higher than my machine so I have to stand to use it. This gives me a chance to stretch from time to time. Since it is higher than your typical ironing surface, it is better for my back than leaning over. When I need to press long seams and sections, I set my full size ironing board up in another room and take a break before or after I need to use it. Works for me … 🙂 Pat


  2. Sounds perfect Ms. Pat!


  3. My space is small enough that i don't have to walk very far…. but I do stretch by standing up to press my seams. I used to have to walk across the room, (maybe that's how the pounds have snuck up me…)


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