Materials (for each):
2—8.5” squares of Fabric A
1—8.5” squares of Fabric B
1—8.5” squares of Fabric C
1—8.5” squares of Insul~Bright batting (0r a similar product)
2—8.5” squares of muslin (or backing of your choice)


Make a ‘sandwich’ from 2 pieces of muslin and the batting, muslin pieces facing out. That is, layer one muslin square (face down), then the batting, then the other muslin square (face up).

Take 2 squares of fabric A, and one square each of Fabric B and C. Fold each in half and finger press.

Lay the Fabric B piece on top of the Muslin/Batting sandwich, raw edges facing out with the fold of Fabric B running the length of the middle of the sandwich. (All of the raw edges, muslin, batting, and fabric, will line up on the edge.)

Lay one of the Fabric A pieces on the next edge to the left of the Fabric B piece. Note that the Fabric A piece will cover half of the Fabric B piece. Again, your raw edges will align and your fold for Fabric A will run through the middle of the sandwich.

Lay the Fabric C piece with raw edges on the next side edge to the left on the sandwich. It will cover half of Fabric A.
Lay the other Fabric A piece on the final edge, half covering the Fabric C piece you laid down. Tuck the other half of this Fabric A under the Fabric B that you laid down, so that the four Fabric pieces are woven on top of and under each other. (Like you would do with the top of a card board box to secure it closed without tape.)

Pin all layers together. Sew around the edge of the sandwich, using a quarter inch seam allowance.

Trim the seam allowance a bit at the corners if you want a bit sharper corners (if you want rounded corners, don’t bother) and turn the sandwich inside out… voila!

You can stick your hands inside the folded bits of fabric, to better protect yourself.

Quick Wine Glass Coasters

Use the same instructions as the Hot Pan Holders, but use 3.5” squares. You can wrap these coasters around the base of your wine glasses and it will help your guests identify which glass is their own.

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