Hi, y’all!! February’s Snug Society projects have gotten off to a wonderful start for the month. January was simply amazing with so many pledging their talents by either making blocks, piecing the blocks together or quilting. The promised blocks are rolling in and soon pics of finished quilts will be posted. We did hear from the WNAM Reservation with some comments and pics of the recipients of some of the 2008 quilts. These lovely smiling faces can be viewed here: http://www.thequiltandneedle.com/forums/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=364&start=61&posts=75 It really makes one feel so good to know you’ve helped someone stay warm and comforted with a quilt! The 2009 I Spy Quilts will be going to the WNAM Reservation. We will be making both child-size and adult-size I Spy quilts this year. The 2009 Sweet Child Quilts will continue to go to Harmony Home. The 2009 Snug UniBlock Quilts will go to Operation First Response, which sends lap-size quilts to veterans overseas and twin-size and larger quilts to veterans in hospitals here at home. This will be our first year working with Operation First Response and we are really looking forward to this venture!

Several of the Round Robin medallions have been posted on the forum albums. There are 3 Groups for this Round Robin. You can find the albums here: http://www.thequiltandneedle.com/forums/photos/photo-main.asp.

There is still time (until Saturday 2/7) to sign-up for Ms. Pat’s Sweet 16 Flowers Fabric Swap. Here is the thread for this swap: http://www.thequiltandneedle.com/forums/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=799&posts=245&start=1. Also, sign-ups for the Mother’s Day Table Runner/Topper Swap will continue until Sunday 2/15: http://www.thequiltandneedle.com/forums/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=825&posts=47&start=1.

Ok, that’s all for now, y’all!! Hope everyone has a quilty day and don’t forget to throw in a few tassels! 😉 cindy

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