I was up all night getting our fabric and kits into the store. We only finalized the layout and design last night about 11 PM, so it was a loooonnnngggg night. But TOTALLY worth it!! Our vision for a pub online has come true and I hope you all feel at home here. Really, this is where everyone knows your name, eh?


Let me tell you about a few things that did not get finished by today. If you go into our chat link, then you will notice that it is currently taking you to a Quiltropolis site that has a group of rooms for their clients. This is temporary. We do have a chatroom but we ran across some glitches in the testing phase and our programmer (the great and all powerful Becki at quiltropolis) is attempting to help me work them out. It is a fabulous chat room, with lots of emoticons, avatars, and even file sharing in private messages. And I have some game ideas for that already!!

Also, you will notice that three of the five departments in our store don’t have anything in them. We do have a few quilts for sale, and I will try to get those up today. Our exclusive line of patterns from Shanoa Quilt Designs have not come out of the print shop yet, but look for them soon. We also have some cute little gift items that will be in the store soon.

Finally, look for some cosmetic changes on the forum soon, as I hunt for a ‘skin’ that matches our new website. Please don’t be frightened if you log on one day soon to find a whole new color scheme. We also have lots of new emoticons to upload and a few new features to work through.

So my dear friends, this is it – what we have all been waiting for. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Your friendly online quilting pub owner,


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